Meet My Friends: Ted Hearne

I met Ted because my daughter wouldn't stop talking about his son. They went to daycare together at the time (before Ted left us for Los Angeles!!), and she would come home talking about him every day, to the point where I realized, "We need to have this kid over." Ted and his awesome wife Janina came, too, and we ate bagels and drank bloody marys and talked about living meaningful lives and it was, as Ted would later put it, "A great hang." Fast-forward to a month ago when I got to see an amazing work of art that Ted composed as part of BAM's Next Wave festival (which I wrote about the other day). It made me curious to know more about his creative process, how he managed to make a living as a composer and how he balanced art-making with fatherhood. Read on for his characteristically thoughtful answers -- and do yourself a favor and check out his work at

Meet My Friends: Colleen Newvine

Colleen and I met on Twitter -- as one does. The first time we met for coffee, we ended up having the kind of conversation you usually have with an old friend. Soon after, the husbands met. Sandwiches were eaten, cocktails were imbibed. As the questions below reveal, I admire the heck out of Colleen. She is an extraordinary curator of creative living, a merry hostess and a thoughtful friend. Most of all, Colleen makes sh*t happen for herself. She is inspiring... and she makes one hell of a spaghetti sauce. Read Colleen's blog, check out her marketing company and follow her on Twitter at @cnewvine.

Meet My Friends: Sarah Bloom

I love Sarah because she is devoid of bullshit ("I come from a long line of people with no filters," is how she puts it) and because she is one of the gentlest, most loving souls I've ever met. She is also a phenomenal photographer; she gets a lot of attention for her self portraits, a number of which are nude, but is also transcendent in her ability to capture other people's essence on camera (her photos of my daughter take my breath away). Sarah has seen some shit in her life, but she still gets excited by ice cream, and her latest photo series, where she overlays textures and images over her self-portraits, is truly exquisite -- click through to see a slideshow and to learn more about this phenomenal woman and artist.

Meet My Friends: Tanya Gradet

Last fall I started a series here on my blog where I introduce you to my friends. Then I got distracted with other creative projects (as I do) and now I'm dusting it off the shelf, and am THRILLED to be kicking things off with an introduction to my awesome friend Tanya Gradet, who runs The Square Treat Company. I met Tanya because our husbands are lifelong friends (they went to summer camp together, back in the day), and she is just a warm, creative force of nature. Read on to find out why she's been called the Walter White of desserts, why having a baby was more fun than she thought it would be, and why LA makes her happy.

Meet My Friends: Lauree Ostrofsky

This is the first post in my new series, Meet My Friends. Today, meet Lauree Ostrovsky. Lauree and I met through a mutual friend, Colleen, whom we both met on Twitter, because that's apparently how you meet people these days. We exchanged emails and decided to meet for coffee, and then proceeded to click like nobody's business... we talked for two hours before Lauree had to go running off to catch a train. The next time we met up (this time for delicious fresh juice and vegan food at Sun in Bloom, because we're both nerds and like that stuff)... same thing. Lauree is an author and life coach who runs a company called Simply Leap. I'll let her tell you the rest.