It's an ugh day— steamy here in NYC, air so thick you could cut it (or slather it all over you like swampy lotion). I have a blister on my foot that's screaming and I had to run an errand and then the person didn't show up and traffic on that block was awful and … Continue reading Uggghhh

Meet My Friends: Colleen Newvine

Colleen and I met on Twitter -- as one does. The first time we met for coffee, we ended up having the kind of conversation you usually have with an old friend. Soon after, the husbands met. Sandwiches were eaten, cocktails were imbibed. As the questions below reveal, I admire the heck out of Colleen. She is an extraordinary curator of creative living, a merry hostess and a thoughtful friend. Most of all, Colleen makes sh*t happen for herself. She is inspiring... and she makes one hell of a spaghetti sauce. Read Colleen's blog, check out her marketing company and follow her on Twitter at @cnewvine.

Breaking the Seal on a New New York Experience

After several hours of walking, my feet were killing me, and I found myself looking longingly at every hole-in-the-wall massage parlor we passed. But I was nervous. I've lived in New York for almost two years, and I'd yet to frequent such a spot. They're ubiquitous, but they're often below street level, with a curtain pulled over the window -- they look sketchy. Still, the price was right ($10 for 10 minutes, $20 for 20 minutes, and so on), and my dogs were barking. I decided to give it a shot.