It’s time for all of us to lead

An important reminder popped up in my Facebook feed today: To fellow white people reading this: For concrete tips on what you can do, read White People: Here's How You Can Help After the Racist Attack in Virginia. As the author, Kristen Tea, states, "It’s not enough to tweet condolences or show up once for … Continue reading It’s time for all of us to lead

As the world burns, does personal writing matter?

After he won, I vowed I'd write more, would wield the keys of my laptop like a sword — but this sword has stayed in its sheath. Not because I'm a pacifist in this war, no, not at all, but because there are so many other battles I'm also fighting, every day, as the world burns. As the world burns, I'm unemployed. And I'm uncertain about what the next chapter holds — what I want it to hold. And sometimes, it feels like a farce, to be considering such things, as democracy is dismantled all around me. What does it matter, anyway? But then optimism takes the reins, and I tell myself, life must go on...