Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to tell women’s stories on TV I go

I have some exciting news, folks: I'm getting an MFA in TV writing. My mission: To change the way women's stories are depicted in popular culture. I did a lot of soul searching after the election last year and realized that: I must urgently devote my life to making sure this never happens again, and … Continue reading Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to tell women’s stories on TV I go


It's an ugh day— steamy here in NYC, air so thick you could cut it (or slather it all over you like swampy lotion). I have a blister on my foot that's screaming and I had to run an errand and then the person didn't show up and traffic on that block was awful and … Continue reading Uggghhh

A reminder that expressing yourself authentically is worth the risk

Thank you to the spoken word poet Sarah Kay for your presence at Creative Mornings NYC this morning, where you captivated my attention. For someone to captivate me these days is really quite a feat, with Twitter just a click away and my busy mind and so many other distractions. Witnessing your truth flowing through was an electric experience. You viscerally compelled me to remember the importance of saying what I mean with the full power of my being; you reminded me, too, of the beauty of doing so, and the shame in concealing such beauty.

As the world burns, does personal writing matter?

After he won, I vowed I'd write more, would wield the keys of my laptop like a sword — but this sword has stayed in its sheath. Not because I'm a pacifist in this war, no, not at all, but because there are so many other battles I'm also fighting, every day, as the world burns. As the world burns, I'm unemployed. And I'm uncertain about what the next chapter holds — what I want it to hold. And sometimes, it feels like a farce, to be considering such things, as democracy is dismantled all around me. What does it matter, anyway? But then optimism takes the reins, and I tell myself, life must go on...