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Other Bona Fides

I’m a contributor to PBS Mediashift. In past lives, I ran Creative DC, wrote a column about public media innovation for the now-defunct Integrated Media Association and wrote the Outside the Frame column about online documentary storytelling for P.O.V. (American Documentary, Inc.). Also, for those to whom this means something: #binders.

Why I Have a Personal Blog

My blog is my sandbox — a space where I share ideas, play, and help other people (and myself) feel less alone. I write about everything from being an artist to being a mother. I write media analysis and cultural commentary. I write funny things and personal things. I’m not trying to make money from my blog, or become a Famous Blogger, so I give myself permission to write whatever the hell I want, whenever the spirit moves me — sometimes that’s every week, sometimes months go by. I think everyone needs a space like this, where we aren’t striving, we’re just playing; I hope you have one, too.